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Select and build units to conquer opponents and expand your powers. Check our directory of free online strategy games below.


strategy, tower defense, sidescrolling, topview, turnbased, realtime, army, tactical, war
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Bloons TD 5
Tower defense. The balloons are back to give you headache! Pop all the balloons with your guns!
Strategy game. Save the kingdom and place troops along the road to destroy incoming enemies.
Hex Empire
Turn based strategy game very similar to the classic board game Risk. Try to conquer the world!
Kingdom Rush
Strategy game. The kingdom is under attack of trolls and other monsters. Get rid of them!
Strategy game. Build mines and farms to grow troops that can fight off the enemy units and castle.
Bloons Tower Defense 4
4th edition with new maps, new graphics and new units like an airplane and wizard.
Epic War 5: Hell's Gate
Strategy game. You select a hero and fight a unique battle against the enemy units.
Age of War 2
Defense game. Try to destroy the base of your opponent in a battle spanning over 5 different ages.
Infectonator 2
Strategy game. Raise a zombie army and try to infect all people in the world with the zombie virus.
Gemcraft: Labyrinth
Tower defense game. Combine gems to create powerful defense towers and defeat the critters.
Stick War
Stratigic war game with stick figures. Deploy your warriors and destroy your opponents statue.
Epic War 4
Strategic battle game with 5 unique heroes with unique combat abilities. Destroy your opponents base.
Bloons TD4 Expansion
Expansion pack for Bloons tower defense 4 with new levels and new characters.
Age of War
Try to destroy the enemy in a war which starts in the cavern men's age and ends far into the future.
Miragine War
Fight against the enemy army sending the right types of troops to counter the enemy attacks.
Planet Juicer
Sidescrolling tower defense game. Place and invent towers to defend the base against alien units.
Pokemon Tower Defense
Tower defense game in Pokemon theme. Stop the Rattata from attacking Oak's lab.
The Last Shelter
Tower Defense. Try to protect your base against alien monster units using all sorts of defense systems.
Bloons Tower Defense 3
Third edition of the popular tower defense game with new towers, upgrades and maps.
Warfare: 1917
First World War strategy game. Lead the British or German army through the trenches of Europe.
Ageless War
Build your battle city and buy weapons to fight against all sorts of soldiers from fifferent eras.
Demons VS Fairyland
Strategy game. Help the fairy people to protect their kids from being stolen by demons.
Obliterate Everything 2
Space strategy. Build a base with defense and attack units to destroy all enemy activity.
Fend off the zombies and rebuild the city expanding your base and keep all people happy and safe.
Endless War: Defense
Real time strategy game. Use trenches, guns and cannons to defend your position.
Gone to the Dogs
Train your dog and race against other dogs. Place bets to earn extra money and buy illegal items.
Hum vs Zerg 2
Build a base and let your troops attack the enemy units and base to win each battle.
Take command of the English, Norman or Viking armies and try to defeat your opponent.
Battle Panic
Build a strong village, mine resources and protect your village against enemy attacks.
Warzone Tower Defense
Try to survive as long as you can by building the most efficient line of defense.