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Skill Games

Show your hand-eye coordination skills in running, flying, launching and musical games.


skill, running, physics, flying, tossing, reaction, rhythm, music, shooting, jumping
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Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 4
Santa is back! Brand new edition of the famous Guitar Hero style music game.
Ducklife 4
Learn your duck to run, jump, swim and fly and try to defeat the Supreme duck in a tournament.
Learn To Fly 2
Let the penguin fly as far as possible using a minimum of days. Earn cash to buy new equipment.
UFO Mission
Guide the UFO and collect all the stars and capture the animals in each of the levels.
Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack
Destroy the castles of the plague infected people using a big slingshot.
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3
Play Christmas songs Metal style! With brand new songs and improved everything.
Toss the Turtle
Launch the turtle with your cannon and try to get him as fas as possible using jet-
packs and weapons.
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2
Music game in Guitar Hero style. Santa is back to rock the world from pole to pole!
Learn to Fly
We all know penguins can't fly. But if you try hard and buy a glider and some rockets, you can fly really far!
Dummy Never Fails
Let the crash test dummy end on the right spot. Make sure to damage him as less as possible.
Ducklife 2: World Champion
Skill game. Train the duck and get the crown that fits the world champion!
Sieger Level Pack
Destroy the castle and inhabitants using a limited amount of medival ammo. Keep hostages alive.
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Teach the nerd a lesson. Buy new gear and gain experience to unlock new items.
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Jump of the ramp in a shopping cart and perform crazy stunts. Try to earn the solid gold shopping cart.
Icy Gifts
Chain reaction skill game that challenges you to earn all of the achievements and up grades available.
Learn your duck to run, swim, and fly. Race against other ducks and win the World Championship.
Roadkill Revenge
Use a special made animal car to take revenge on road kills by crashing as much cars as you can.
Berzerk Ball
Bash the nerd as far as you can into ber- zerkland and collect money to buy new equipment.
Flood Runner 3: Armageddon
Run, jump and fight for your life to survive for as long as you can.
Ducklife 3: Evolution
Train your duck and enter races. Become a champion and let your duck evolve to get better skills.
Meteor Launch
A meteor landed in your village. Upgrade the launcher and try to send the meteor back into space.
Plumet 2
Skill game. Try to get as deep as possible dodging obstacles in the level. Set the highest score.
Touch the Bubbles 3
Skill game. Touch all the bubbles on the screen, watch out for traps and be carefull with your timing.
Punk-o-matic 2
Music game. Play in your own punk band. Create guitar riffs, play at concerts and much, much more.
Dwarf Toss
Skill game. Toss the dwarf as far as possible and try to unlock all upgrades and achievements.
Santa Rockstar 5: Rudolf Saves The World
Skill game. Help out Santa and control the guitar skills of Rudolf to save xmas!
You are an inventor from the stone age. Upgrade your vehicle and try to travel as far as possible.
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3
Music game. Turn up your speakers and create your own tunes! Add a beat, play from vinyl, etc.
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Turn up the volume! Play 14 songs on 6 different guitars and become a guitar hero.
Tetris'D: The Game
Jump, dodge and roll from block to block to survive the falling tetris blocks. How long can you last?