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Shooting Games

Use guns and ammunition to attack and destroy your enemies.


shooting, guns, weapons, ammunition, sniper, rifle, first person, third person, aim, tactics, sidescrolling, topview, physics, shoot em up
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Blade Striker
Side scrolling action shooter. Fly a chopper take down an evil drug baron with extreme force.
The Final Death Wish
Action shooter. Try to complete all 25 chal- lenges. Earn perks to give your character special abilities.
Desert Rifle 2
Take out the enemy units from your bunker and try to survive as long as you can.
Action shooter from a time where men flew on Fyre dragons. Repel the invasion of monsters.
Artillery Tower
Action shooter. Defend your tower for as long as you can against the invasion of stickman.
Boxhead the Rooms
More rooms, more zombies. Kill them as fast as possible to get combos and earn weapon upgrades.
Super Cops: Targets
Arcade shooter. You are the law and you need to kill all enemy units to set the highest score.
Defend Your Nuts
You are a squirrel and you need to protect your acorns against waves of evil monsters.
Selena Wars
Space shooter. Get your spacecraft ready and clear ach mission destroying enemie units & structures.
Bomb Runner
Shooting game. Get your bombs to collect all items and destroy bosses through 24 maze-riddled levels.
Night of Million Zombies
Survive as long as you can in a zombie infested arena. Earn upgrades and cash to buy new weapons.
Zom TV!
Try to survive as long as possible with your tower by killing all zombies and rescue all humans.
Flaming Zombooka 2
Try to kill all zombies each level using your rocket launcher. Use the power-ups and items to succeed.
City Siege Sniper
Shooting game. Use your distraction and shooting skills to get rid of the enemies and save hostages.
Monster Mowdown
Try to survive for 50 levels against hordes of monsters. Earn cash to buy weapons and assistance.
Pirates of the Stupid Sea
Join Captain James T. Stinkbeard and his crew to reign the seas and plunder vessels.
Frantic 3
Topview shooter. Try to destroy all of the enemy ships blasting your weapons and ammo at them.
Planet Basher 2
Use rockets to collect the stars and buy upgrades. Collect 300 stars in one round to finish the game.
Tank Destroyer
You are playing the commander of a massive upgradable battle tank. Destroy all opponents.
Kill all bugs using rocks, guns, knives and other weapons. Earn points to buy new equipment.
Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare
Shooting game. Play as Santa or an Elf and try to destroy all zombies around.
Spaceman vs. Zombies
Shooting game. Try to kill all zombies in each level using all sorts of ammo and save the humans.
Spunky vs. Aliens
Shooting game. Help Spunky to attack and destroy the aliens in his way. Collect coins to upgrade!
Battle For Gliese
Topdown shooting game that challenges you to destroy all eney units as long as you can.
Super Wicked Awesome
Travel through time fighting vikings and knights with shotguns and other weapons.
Ricochet Kills 2: Players Pack
Destroy all people in each level using your bullets with ricochet effect to succeed.
Spell Storm
Topview shooter. You must destroy all the monsters and other enemy units to reach the final room.
Save us from Private Brian
Top view action shooter with loads of blood and loads of upgrades to earn.
Storm the House 3
You're under attack by the enemy. Defend your bunker at all cost with guns and defense towers.
Pirates vs Ninjas
Shoot bombs from a boat each level to hit the treasure and the pirates or ninjas that challenge you.