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Management Games

Manage restaurants, hotels, farms, theme parks, airports and other simulated area's and earn points to expand your empire.


restaurant, farm, hotel, holiday, airport, pizzaria, diner, sim, topview, isometric, theme
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Goodgame Disco
You are the manager of the disco and you need to make sure to make this disco a big succes.
Goodgame Farmer
Farm simulation game. Care for ani- mals, grow crops and earn achievements and upgrades.
Management game. Forge steel, build the weapons and send the troops to attack enemy units.
Papa's Hot Doggeria
Management game. Keep your customers satisfied serving food and drinks as fast as you can.
Papa's Pancakeria
Management game. Make the fluffiest of pancakes and other jummies to keep customers happy!
Papas Freezeria
Manage the icecream shop taking orders, preparing icecreams and keep your clients happy to earn cash.
Papa's Wingeria
Management game. Fry chicken and help your customers as fast and good as you can.
Penguin Diner 2
Help Penny achieve her dream of owning the best diner in Antarctica by serving the customers.
Papa's Taco Mia
Management game. Take orders and make food to keep customers happy and get extra tips.
Papa's Burgeria
Cook, stack & serve hamburgers to your customers and make money to upgrade your restaurant.
Penguin Diner
Play a penguin waitress at a dinner. Take orders, serve your customers and make a lot of money!
Shop Empire 2
Management game. Build a mall with all sorts of shops and hire staff to manage the building.
Shop Empire
Build the biggest and very profitable malls around the world. Place shops to earn money.
Airport Madness 4
Management game. Control the traffic of the airport and make sure to avoid plane collisions.
Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
The village and your farm is destroyed by the weather. Rebuild the farm and village.
Goodgame Cafe
Decorate your cafe, cook meals, buy new ingredients and make sure to keep customers happy.
Papa's Pizzeria
Take orders, top and bake the pizzas, cut them to order, and present them to the waiting customers!
Theme Hotel
Management game. Build up a hotel from scratch and make sure you get the 5 star status!
Bed And Breakfast 3
Management game. Run and upgrade a bed & breakfast and turn it into a large hotel.
Trafficator 2: Road Panic
Control the traffic and stop the cars on time to prevent traffic jams and accidents.
Ski Resort Mogul
Management game. Help your aunt build the best ski resort there is. upgrade and build to last!
Corporation Inc.
Build and manage the biggest office in the world. Earn daily money to upgrade building and workers.
Youda Farmer 2
Stop the real estate tycoon to save your farm and the village by buying and selling products.
Resort Empire
Management game. Build your dream resort from scratch and become the best in the world.
Youda Fisherman
Manage your harbour and make use of the scientists, fishermen and resources to get it going!
Shopping Street
Build a shopping street and try to make your visitors spend as much money as possible.
Zombies Inc.
Conquer the world building an army of zombies to attack all human remains on earth.
Youda Safari
Manage a safari park. Give the wildlife enthusiasts a holiday experience they will never forget.
The King's League
Recruit your hero's and go to battle. Capture enemy territories and try to defeat the king.
Royal Envoy
Build up Islandshire again after a terrible storm. Build houses, sawmills and markets to earn money.