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Fighting Games

Participate in close range battles, use fighting skills and destroy your opponents kicking and hitting them.


fighting, beat em up, weapons, combo, realtime, turnbased, melee, combat, tactical, basher, battle, team, sidescrolling
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Armed With Wings: Culmination
Your task is to fight and become as strong to be able to beat Lord Vandheer.
Armed with Wings 3
Get your mother back from Gaaz and the dark evil network in the third episode of this fighting game.
The Great Massacre
Action fighting game. Our hero Greg lost his immortal powers. Help Greg to get his power back.
Gravitee Wars
Battle for control of a galaxy. Your team is equiped with several weapons to slingshot to enemy units.
Chaos Faction 2
Long awaited sequel to Chaos Faction. Battle through 15 new campaigns. With new weapons and moves.
Electric Man 2
Fighting game. Step into the arena and make sure you are the best fighter there is.
Sands of the Coliseum
Climb your way up in the coliseums all over Europe fighting the other gladiators.
Sift Renegade 3
Fighting game. Help to save Kiro's brother from death. Destroy the japanese Triad to succeed!
Combat Tournament
Stickman fighting game. Use serious combos to defeat your opponents and win the tournament.
The streets are taken over by the undead. Slaughter the evil and unlock weapons and achievements.
Tequila Zombies
Fighting game. Kill all zombies and earn cash to buy new weapons to stay alive as long as possible.
Electricman 2
Welcome to Voltagen. Use martial arts, street fighting or superhuman powers to kill the enemy.
Flakboy 2
Flakboy is back for more brutal weaponry testing. Get the minimum required damage to proceed.
Mike Shadow: I Paid For It
Kick and punch the vending machine to collect coins and buy insane upgrades.
Combat Tournament: Legends
Fighting game. Select your favorite stick character and enter the battle arena!
Hobo 5 Space Brawls: Attack of the Hobo Clones
You are abducted by aliens and you need to get your combo's.
Chrome Wars
Combat bot fighting RPG. Fight in the arena, upgrade your robot and become the champion.
Achilles 2: Legend
As the legend Achilles your duty is to fight off all sorts of enemy units to maintain the status of a legend.
Armed with Wings 2
Find the 4 Blades of Eden and use its powers to defeat the emperor and reclaim the throne.
Rage 3
Stickmen fighting game with lots of weapons and special fighting moves. Beat the enemy stickmen.
Sift Renegade 2
Stickman fighting game. Slice the guys who killed your brother into pieces with your katana.
Arm Of Revenge
Avenge your father and beat up enemies with 20 fighting skills. Expand your XP and buy new items.
You are Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War. Use your spear and your sword to defeat the emeny.
Brainless Monkey Rampage
As a complete retard monkey you must kill humans in order to complete all missions
Hobo 3: Wanted
Side scrolling fighting game. Use filthy fighting techniques to beat up the cops and stay out of prison.
Newgrounds Rumble
Choose your character and fight various other Newgrounds characters. Get ready to rumble!
Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack
Strategic fighting! Try to assassinate each of the security guards that protect the building.
Pocket Fighter Nova
Flash edition of the action fighting game Super Pocket Fighter. Use crazy moves to take out your enemy.
Ninja Cat: Episode 1
Fighting game. You are on a mission to take back what is yours. Dodge and attack enemy units!
Yan Loong Legend: The Fighting Legend
Fighting game. Try to defeat all of your enemies using all sorts of attacks.