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Car & Racing Games

Use a car or other vehicle to complete and race tracks as fast as you can. Check our directory of free online car & racing games below.


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Material Mole 3
Collect gems and other material and try to bring it safe to the exit point of each level.
FFX Runner
Try to stay out of the hands of your enemy who is fanatically trying to drive you off the road.
Polygon Racer 3D
Race against time in a rally across America and try to be as fast as you can to earn cash for upgrades.
Rod Hot's Hotrod Racing
Get in your hotrod and race against all kind of opponents in different races!
Space Punk Racer
Become the ultimate champion in the Punk Space Race. Earn cash to upgrade your bike!
Fast Track
Arcade style racing game. Reach the checkpoints in time and finish third to unlock a new track.
Barnyard Jersey Joyride
Take the farmer's car for a joyride to pick up your friends. Don't be late for the party.
Brutal Racing 2010: Nitro Addiction
Racing game with 50 events, car tuning, styling, and great 3D rendered graphics.
3D racing game. Choose between 6 diffrent cars. How fast can you get to the finish line?
Jeep Big Adventure
Take your Patriot for some adventure. Collect all objects in order and finish as fast as possible.
Race your ball through the galaxy race tracks and become the fastest Galaxoball champion.
Danger Speed
Race game with over 16 tracks, 3 cars to buy and upgrade and different environment to race in.
Rich Racer
3D racing game with awesome graphics. It gets pretty difficult when you advance to higher levels...
Heatwave Racing
Nascar racing game. Pick a team and drive against 7 other cars on the oval or do a time trial.
Foofa Race 2
Foofa Race is back, with more tracks like alien planets, more teams and more weapons.
Micro Racers 2
Top view racing game. You have to finish your micro car first to advance to the next level.
Street Speed
Arcade style racing game. Try to be the fastest each track and become the ultimate champion.
Superbike GP
Beat the qualifying time (2.10) and unlock special features and tracks.
Turbo Spirit
Arcade style bike racing game. You have 30 seconds for each segment, don't run out of time!
Monster Truck Trials
Challenge your skills in the 4 trials of the monster truck madness!
Pimp My Ride
Beef up your rust heap by picking up pimp coins around the track. You have two minutes.
Stunt Crazy: Trick or Treat
Racing game. Set the specs of your car and try to complete all challenges.
Choose between a quadbike, motorbike, argocat or hovercraft and show of your skills on the course.
Shadow Factory
Two reactors in SNP512 exploded. Explore the nuclear plant and check the radiation levels.
Kart Race
Kart racing game in Mario Kart style. Use bananas and other items to sabotage the enemies.
GTO Drift
Get on the road and prove yourself as a worthy GTO driver collecting stars and drifting along.
Heavy Metal Rider
Arcade style motorbike racing game. Pick up coins for extra points, nitro for extra speed.
AMG Wintersporting Drift Competition
Take the new AMG Mercedes for a spin and learn to perform a perfect drift.
Rush Race
Driving a top secret car, you're up against mad scientist Doctor Villiante. Kill as many enemies as you can.
Nitro Trabi
Race your brand new Trabant through the streets of Bucharest.