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Traditional card and board games in which you can challenge opponents online.


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Governor of Poker 2
Play poker against realistic opponents. Play heads up and tournaments and become a poker star.
Draw My Thing
Multiplayer pictionary style game. Draw the words or guess the drawings that other players make!
Stop The Bus
Cardgame. Try to get as close as possible to 31 with a single suit. Stop the bus at your preferred score.
Governor of Poker
Excellent poker game with very sophisticated realistic opponents and beautiful rendered graphics.
Jolly Jong 2.5
Boardgame. Classic Mahjong game with tiles that collapse when some of the tiles are removed.
Castle Wars 2
Use magic cards to build your own castle over level hundred or to destroy your opponents castle.
Cruiser: Battleship 2
Board game. Try to defeat the naval fleet of the enemy and hide your ships as good as you can.
Mahjong Kingdoms
Classic Asian board game. Click two of the same pieces to get them off the board to score.
Troglodytes 2
Boardgame. Multiply your units and make sure to reach the other side and crush your opponent.
This game is similar to the known board game Risk. There is one objective: World Domination.
Fillzone Duo
Fill the board with one color swapping the tile colors. Try to use the least clicks possible.
Goodgame Poker
Play poker and try to become the ultimate poker champion of the game. Try some tournaments!
Spectomancer 2
Turnbased fantasy cardgame in which you draw cards to attack your opponent and claim victory.
Spectromancer: Truth and Beauty
Fantasy card game in which you participate in magical turn-based duels.
Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack
Strategic card game. Use cards and magic spells to defeat your opponent.
Hidden Dimensions
Collectible cardgame in a SciFi setting. Use the cards you get wisely to defeat your oppenents.
Card game. Build the ultimate cards deck and use it to attack the six Cardian masters in combat.
Check Flag
Boardgame. Capture your opponents flag as first in order to win the match. Complete all boards.
Speed Cards
Get rid of your cards before the computer does by placing your cards on one of the two middle piles.
Ultimate Chess
Classic board game. Play chess and watch how you slaughter your opponent in funny movies.
Sheriff Tripeaks
Tripeaks is a very addicting classic solitaire variation.
Big Bucks
Board game in which you have to buy the most property of all players to collect rent and win the game.
Bird Pax
Earn as much cards and wingspan as you can. Use the higher card or double up with the same types.
Sci-fi themed card game in which you can defeat your opponent with creatures and spells.
The Towers Of Legend
Classic boardgame. Try to remove all the Mahjongg tiles in the fastest time possible to set the highscore.
Battleship: The Beginning
Classic naval strategy game. Hit the hidden ships to destroy the enemy fleet.
Card game. Play Rummy against the computer and get rid of your cards first to win the game.
Jolly Jong Journey
Mahjong with a twist. Make sure to collect all the stones that are displayed on the bottom to succeed.
Cards n Chips
Form combinations of cards to remove the matching chips on the board as fast as possible.
Fiery Poker
Card game. Use the poker combinations in a 5 by 5 square to score the most points possible.