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Arcade Games

Based on the arcade games famous from the 1980s video arcade halls.


arcade, running, physics, collecting, shooter, sidescrolling, throwing, rag doll, space
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Into Space 2
Arcade game. Try to land the rocket on the moon and collect cash to upgrade and buy items.
Sushi Cat 2
Help Sushi Cat to get as much sushi as you can each level to go to the next level and unlock new outfits.
Knightmare Tower
Becom a brave knight fighting the monsters flying through the tower. Earn cash to buy upgrades.
Bloons Super Monkey
Take control of the Super Monkey from Bloons Tower Defense in an epic arcade shooter.
Mirror's Edge 2D
2D version of the Mirror's Edge. Collect the bags and get to the end of the level as fast as you can.
Mega Miner
Drill deep into the earth and collect all the treasures and re sources to upgrade your mining device.
Final Ninja Zero
Prove your ninja skills as Takeshi and enter the fab to destroy all enemies and become the ultimate ninja.
Frantic 2
Fast paced arcade shooter with three unique episodes, loads of weapons and gigantic bosses.
Tasty Planet: Dino Time
Eat all of the items that are smaller than the goo to become the biggest of all.
Mummy Blaster
Arcade game. Use dynamite and place it at the right spots to destroy all mummies each level.
Epic Combo
Hit the turttles with a big hammer and buy upgrades. Try to earn 10.000 combo's as fast as you can.
Bomb It 5
Arcade game. Roam around the labyrinth and place bombs to take out all enemy units.
Over The Border
Help the mexican guy to bounce far enough to reach the border so he can enter America.
Interactive Torture Machine
Rack up the highest pain score you can by leading the victim into variety of traps.
Bunni: How We First Met
Discover a world full of cute bunnies and scary monsters. Try to save the island.
Crazy Go Nuts 2
Fire away the squirrel and try to grab as much nuts and stars as you can. Get the highest score.
Dummy Never Fails: Community
Try to shoot dummy to the target with a minimum of damage to the dummy for a better score.
The Lance
Battle against other Knights in a joust tournament and try to become the jousting champion!
Moby Dick 2
Cause mayhem and destruction as great whale. Eat humans and fish and upgrade to become stronger.
Alpha Bounty
Sidescrolling space shooter. Destroy the aliens and enemy ships to earn money and buy upgrades.
Arcade space shooter. Collect the coins, upgrade your ship and defeat the 13 different bosses.
Jumping Finn
Arcade game. Help out Jake and Finn by getting Finn fly as far as possible collecting stars for upgrades.
Throw grenades at the zombies and try to kill them all each level. Watch out not to kill humans.
Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade
Arcade game. Feed the cat the targetted amount of sushi's each of the levels.
Tank's war has started! Test your skill and accuracy and destroy the enemy tank.
Arcade space shooter featuring 10 epic levels, huge bosses, loads of weapons and massive upgrades.
Arcade space shooter with loads of upgrades, enemies, achievements and big bosses.
Billy The Pilot
It is Billy's job to get to the moon and destroy it to stop all werewolves from scaring people.
Sugar Rush
Use candy as rocket fuel. Jump as high as possible and try to get to the sweetest candy to get higher.
Stick Blender
Don't let the angry stickmen kill you. Draw circles around the invading troops and blend them!