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Adventure & RPG Games

Maintain your character and explore worlds, solve mysteries and collect items to use and sell.


adventure, roleplaying, turnbased, platform, collecting, medieval, explore, dungeons, realtime
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Town Of Fears
RPG adventure. Your goal is to unravel the mysteries of the town of fears fighting all sorts of monsters.
Super Smash Flash
Play as 28 different characters from Sega and Nintendo in this action packed platform adventure.
A Blobs Tale 2
Platform adventure. The Dark Lord of the North has captured your girlfriend. Try to defeat him.
Arkandian Explorer
RPG game. Go on an epic adventure and become the strongest warrior of the lands of Arkandia
Raid Mission
Guide the elite squad through dangerous missions in which you need to defeat all the scum.
As a killbot you must escape from the lab. Use physic abilities and disguises to be free again.
Cinematic point and click thriller. You've had a car accident in the middle of nowhere. Get home.
In this RPG you are playing World of Warcraft's Murloc. Try to complete various dangerous missions.
Yan Loong Legend 2: 2nd Impact
The 3rd game in the Yan Loong serie with new stages, moves and characters.
Pixel Quest: Christmas
Platform adventure. Find yourself a way through each stage jumping and dodging.
Squidy 2
Adventure puzzle. Guide squidy through the levels collect the stars and find the bath tub.
Covert Front 4: The Spark of Life
Help secret agent Kara to overthrow the enemy regime.
Wings of Genesis
Side scrolling action shooter with RPG elements. Blast through waves of enemies and bosses.
Yan Loong Legend 2: 3rd Impact
More stages, better moves, new bosses to fight with in this 4th game episode.
Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe
RPG game. Help the mafia and fight with a ninja clan that took over Pop Rox City.
Sprouts Adventure
Rebuild the Sprout community. Let them discover new items, construct buildings, make them happy!
A Dralien Day
Your mom was taken by Dragon Hunters. Explore the hostile alien planet and rescue your mom.
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy
Point and click puzzle adventure. Deliver a package to the Earl Grey mansion.
Vampire Scent
RPG adventure in a world full of monsters and other creatures. Defeat the boss with your friends.
Path of Honor: Chapter 1
Adventure RPG. Help the village people to comple quests and fighting of monsters.
Free The Prince
Adventure puzzle. Try to save the prince using your puzzle skills to solve each platform puzzle.
RPG Shooter: Starwish
A unique mix of RPG, shooter and sim game. Try to get all different types of ending for this game.
Alice is Dead: Episode 2
Point and click puzzle adventure game. Try to escape from the Wonderland Jail.
Huje Adventure
Physics based platform adventure. Explore the asteroid and try to get to the exit of each level.
Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture Era 2
Point and click puzzle adventure. Find the time-warper and get home.
Talesworth Arena: Death Watch
Role playing game. Use weapons and cast magic spells to defeat your enemy.
Back to the Cubeture
Puzzle adventure. You are warped back in time to the Wild West. Try to get back home safely.
RPG adventure. You are a small boy lost in a world. Explore and find the answers to your questions!
Drow's Fury
Fantasy action RPG. Save the princess from the Dark Lord before he sacrifices her in a black ritual.
Super D
3D platform adventure. Climb up the tower of Dicedom and try to defeat the huge dice boss.